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Application example: district heating Leutswil

The district heating corporation Leutswil in Bischofszell Switzerland was initiated by the residents. The planned district heating plant should be operated sustainably. Therefore, a wood chip heating system was integrated.

The energy from the central heating system shall be distributed optimally to the 12 recipients by means of control loops for the central heating system and the individual recipients. The recipients obtain the heat energy mainly for heating purposes and the hot water systems.

The company kobelt energy gmbh carried out the planning for the entire district heating plant.


The solution consists of a PLC for the central heating system for regulating the temperature and the distribution of the energy as well as of one PLC per recipient.

The hot water system is controlled and the heating flow temperature is controlled by closed loop control.

The concept includes the following components:

  • 1 Siemens PLC S7-1215 and 1 HMI TP900comfort for the control center
  • 1 Siemens PLC S7-1212 and 1 HMI KTP400 for each recipient
  • all recipients and the control center are interconnected with a fiber-optic network. From the central control panel all recipients can be viewed.
  • a parameterization of the recipients from the control center via the control panel
  • a separate control of the flow temperature of the control center, based on the required temperatures of the recipients
  • a reduction of heat loss through specific temperature control
  • a central control and release of the recipients’ hot water systems for optimum utilization of the central heating
  • a separate flow temperature control for each recipient
  • individual parameter sets for each recipient for the heating curve, night lowering, temperature limitations and loading temperatures
  • a user guidance in case of errors
  • recording of all relevant temperatures in the control center
  • a direct remote access to the network via VPN

With the tailor-made solution the customer benefits of the following added values:

  • a secure, reliable heat distribution
  • a central overview of the heating network
  • a centralized control of energy delivery
  • individual settings by the recipients
  • a secure system on the state of the art
  • ease of use
  • historical production data available
  • an efficient error analysis