Get your control system refurbished by us and benefit from:

  • a safe and reliable production
  • a facility that complies with current safety regulations
  • cost-effective and scalable solutions
  • minimal production interruptions

Application example: Retrofit at Jowa

Jowa AG in Birsfelden is a bakery operation of Migros and produces over 80 different varieties of breads and pastries.

The control systems and the electro-mechanical equipment of the bakery line L4, consisting of pre ferment system, end ferment system and oven, are obsolete. They contain discontinued products, such as Siemens S5 CPU’s and visualisations CP526, servo motors and their drives, as well as various hardware controllers. The system parts are only interlinked with digital signals and some functions are solved by means of relays.


  • no or very expensive spare parts
  • high risk for production


  • restore secure production
  • existing recipes must be taken over without changes
  • the control systems must meet current safety guidelines
  • existing power sections must be used
  • very short time window for the mechanical and electrical refurbishment as well as for the commissioning and the handover to the production

Our conceptual approach for a safe and reliable production:

  • new control components built into existing panels
  • 3 Siemens PLC S7-300 and 4 HMI TP1900comfort linked via Ethernet
  • 1 Ethernet switch per section of the plant
  • remote I/O nodes ET200S, servo drives and various evaluation devices communi-cate to the PLC via Profibus
  • parameterization of remote devices via the operating stations
  • all parts of the plant are integrated into an overall concept. On each operating station all parts of the plant can be viewed and operated.
  • individual hardware controllers replaced by integrated software controllers
  • separated safety circuits brought up to date: 2-channel version, restart safe-guarding
  • additional process monitoring
  • recording of process parameters
  • automatic transfer of recipes to other sections of the plant possible
  • user guidance in case of errors
  • import / Export data interface for recipes, temperatures, etc.
  • all equipment relabelled
  • electrical schematic newly created on CAD
  • remote access via VPN

With the tailor-made solution the customer benefits of the following added values:

  • a secure and reliable production
  • readiness to deliver ensured
  • a state of the art safe plant
  • easy to use
  • historical production data available
  • easy data transfer to other systems
  • a more efficient error analysis
  • a reduced hardware dependency
  • a smaller stock of spare parts
  • a simplified maintenance at lower cost